Hello there Smart One ! Are you an awesome entrepreneur, ready to take your business to a whole new level ? Well, then let’s ROCK & ROLL together ! Let’s mingle & brew some marketing !

Here’s the latest hot and happening…

Hey besties, I am Sara Kanwal a marketing stylist and I am so excited to be finally connecting with you through a podcast show…

Welcome to the party, love !

As seen in…

I am a fur-mama of three Persian feline beauties and a coffee fanatic (hence, the coffee-blog name, xox). I am someone who is creating magical marketing and making it happen far far away, from her sofa. An absolute non-conformist, who ran the heck away from 9-to-5 corporate drills and found refuge in the dynamic Universe of entrepreneurship.

My name is Sara Kanwal & I am a Marketing Stylist.

Yes, you heard me!

I literally “STYLE” marketing.

No fluff, No BS.

Why? Because to me, marketing is a sacred art. I am a pixie {sometimes little & sometimes huge} with marketing magic and a psychological twist to everything in it. I find fairy dust + marketing & business solutions for us (you+me).

I am someone who…

  • worked with over 90 companies / businesses, from all around the globe and created magical marketing campaigns for them.
  • is a Marketing Psychologist, Certified Social Media and Digital Marketer.
  • probably has coffee and business strategy flowing crazily in her veins.
  • has a competitive marketing experience of more than 7 years.
  • got rated as a top-freelancer by one of the leading freelance market giants (upwork), only within 3 years of freelancing.
  • enjoys 96% client satisfaction rate, 99% hire rate and 96% recommendations (statistics by upwork).
  • is the creator of 8 online businesses, 5 of which are thriving every second !
  • made a profit of $20K in her very first beta launch, through her very own (tested and proven) launch funnel.
  • who made $15K in 15 days – all from organic online traffic.
  • is passionate about the art of marketing & finds it sacred.
  • got featured for her entrepreneurial adventures on Freelance to Freedom Project, website.
  • has an amazing tribe: The Magic Marketing Mastermind (join in!).
  • one day, felt in-tuned about starting with Instagram account and attracted 700+ followers so far!
  • hates spam postings on social media (yes, I don’t crazy post or abuse the art !).
  • should be your go-to marketing-gal’ , if you want to see some real magic happen.

‘Smart Coffee Blog’ has been put together to serve as our marketing-&-business haven. You & I, together, are going to run wild with testing-&-testing-&-testing.

I will be sharing all the juicy {behind the scenes} details too. In simple words, if you ever need a safe e-cafe to hangout and enjoy a business-cappuccino, at Smart Coffee Blog, I have a table reserved just for you. And, yes we will do all the kitty-chatter on everything from random goose to hot-biz-gossip in town.

Our party does not end here, I have more stuff on the menu!

Some cookies {right out of the realm of consumer psychology} with chocolate-topping and some crispy-smooth surprises down the entrepreneurial lane.

Wait, there is one important thing I want to say: Enjoy this coffee ride …! Side-Note: While, you might already have guessed it – I am also a dreamer, who believes in the fairytale-ish fancy beauties, elvish finesse, pixie-dust & more…! I am a Kickass Online Business Manager for High-End Entrepreneurs, Helping them achieve organization, optimization and free-of-chaos business life.

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